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Reminiscing On Joy

Who makes you feel joyful? Make sure you spend time with them.

As Mother's Day approaches, we are feeling very thankful for all the mothers and women who do so much in and out of the household to better the world we live in. It's the food they cook, the lessons they teach, and the role models they are every single day for the younger generation.

At Shelter Unity, the definition of joy to us is making others smile. One important memory that joy reminds us of is our second big project during the Holiday Season of 2021. Our two high

school members in Shelter Unity partnered up with their National Honors Society advisor and council to conduct a Toy Drive. Over the period of two weeks, we raised over 100 toys to donate to Ozanam Children's Shelter located in Edison, New Jersey, for the holiday season! Unfortunately, the high cases of Covid prevented us from meeting and interacting with the children in the shelter. However, knowing that we came together as an unit to brighten up the holiday season for the underprivileged was such a powerful inspiration of how big of an impact a driven group of students can make. We hope to continue working with and for each other.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like to be a part of our next donation project!

Stephanie Yu and Aashita Patel

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